Best Brands of Smoke Alarms

    There is no doubt that smoke alarms can save lives. Given that they are properly installed and maintained, they can offer one of the most inexpensive warnings when a fire starts in the home. Smoke alarms, also known … Continue reading

Low Cost Security For High Risk Student Flats

Good home security doesn’t need to come at a high cost With a bit of help from Security Search, a dollop of common sense and a few bucks, we’ll have your flat the safest house on the street – See … Continue reading

Cuff Security Jewelry – Wearable Tech

  Though wearable technology certainly seems like a great idea, particularly in today’s day and age when we are so dependent on our devices, there are millions of men and women throughout the world who refuse to wear it because … Continue reading

Burglars Use Facebook To Rob You

We came across an excellent inforgraphic this week which explains how modern day burglars are leveraging popular social media platforms like Facebook to figure out if your house is worth robbing and to find out when you won’t be around. … Continue reading

Busting Home Security Myths

  Our first video blog post here at Security Search, enjoy!    

How To Prevent a Distraction Burglary

  Distraction burglary is a strategy used by burglars to target the elderly and other vulnerable individuals in Auckland, New Zealand. To avoid having your parents or grandparents the next victim of a distraction burglary, you have to know how … Continue reading

Home Security FAQ’s

  Why should I install a burglar alarm? The key reason for installing a home security system it to greatly reduce the chances of home invasion , theft and damage to property. Still, break-ins are a possibility and in the event, … Continue reading

16 Better Tips For Home Security

Primary security   Avoid leaving expensive items in areas where they can be plainly see from the street e.g. laptops on the window stilt in a street facing room.   Ensure you residence has good exterior lighting, plenty of sensor … Continue reading

12 Security Tips For Safer Businesses

  During the daytime, many businesses have a large areas of space open to the public and have people coming and going, it is easy for thieves to plan sneaky robberies. Daytime thieves will usually target handbags, wallets and laptops which … Continue reading

11 Security Tips For Retail And Cash Businesses

  Retailers and cash businesses are high risk categories for targeted theft. Businesses in the liquor, pharmacy and nightclub/bar trades are extremely high risk categories. These recommendations have been provided by professionals who have extensive experience in retail and cash business … Continue reading