During the daytime, many businesses have a large areas of space open to the public and have people coming and going, it is easy for thieves to plan sneaky robberies.

Daytime thieves will usually target handbags, wallets and laptops which are easy to take and conceal.


At night time, businesses rely on entrance locks and security systems to prevent and deter burglars from targeting their site.

Business robberies are usually more planned and organised than home burglaries, thieves target specific businesses, have seen the site layout in the daytime and know exactly what they are looking for usually stock/inventory or specialised equipment.




Primary security


  • Get a commercial grade security system installed by a professional alarm company


  • Make sure your installer has shown at least 2 people in your business how to check your alarm system is operating properly. Then put a testing schedule every 6 months so you know your system is in good working order


  • Get your security system monitored by a professional monitored alarm company


  • Install a CCTV surveillance system for the exterior and interior, particularly at main entrances/exits and areas of key importance e.g. stock rooms, rooms containing safes


  • Consider installing a keypad or biometric access control system, limit levels of access to employees as much as is practical




Individual security


  • Employees should lock their computer screen when they are away from their desk. This prevents unauthorised use and data theft.


  • Employees should lock their offices if leaving the building


  • Employees should avoid leaving hand bags under the tables, wallets/key in unlocked drawers, especially important in open plan offices




Site security


  • Ensure all visitors are signed in at reception, this ensures a record of people coming in and out of the office


  • Laptops are a one of the most common targets for thieves in a commercial setting, cable / plate locks should be installed at desks. In addition to the replacement laptop cost, data theft can be an even much greater concern


  • Petty cash should be kept in a locked cash box, inside a locked draw. Limit key holders of boxes and draws to the minimum that is practical


  • Ensure all employees in the relevant areas are aware if a tradesman will be working in their area on a given day. This improves chances employees will pay attention if unscheduled tradesmen move about their sites.