Why should I install a burglar alarm?

The key reason for installing a home security system it to greatly reduce the chances of home invasion , theft and damage to property.

Still, break-ins are a possibility and in the event, burglars are only likely to perform a smash and grab robbery rather than a through cleaning out of the whole residence, this is due to the high risk of someone quickly arriving on the scene.



Can I install the burglar alarm myself?

Electronic stores, Trademe and most alarm install companies sell DIY alarm packages. The majority of them are wireless or hybrid systems what require little or no wiring work.

As to effectiveness, if you are in the market for a entry level burglar alarm without a monitoring service and are somewhat electrically minded then a $300-500 self install alarm kit maybe a worthwhile solution.



Why should I get a monitored alarm?

Having a monitored alarm guarantees someone will take action and promptly investigate any potential threats at your home from an alarm activation

Burglars know that when they break into a home with a monitored alarm that they have at a maximum of 15 minutes before a guard arrives.

Many insurance companies offer a reduction in home and contents insurance premiums when a monitored alarm is installed



How long do backup ALARM batteries last for?

Standard back up batteries generally last a minimum of 10 hours. Extra longer lasting backup batteries are on the market if you feel you need a battery that lasts a great deal longer.



What is the cost of having an alarm monitored?

Alarm monitoring services usually charge around $1 a day or $30 a month for monitoring



What is the callout fee cost of a monitoring company?

Most alarm monitoring companies charge between $60 – $90 per callout


What will a home security system cost?

An entry level home burglar alarm system including 2 sensors, control panel, key pad, back up battery, internal and external siren will cost a minimum of $500 including installation by a professional alarm company.

Complex home security systems with many additional features and upgrades can cost thousands of dollars.




Pet ignore sensors which can differentiate between animals and humans are widely available, talk your options over with your alarm installer.