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There is no doubt that smoke alarms can save lives. Given that they are properly installed and maintained, they can offer one of the most inexpensive warnings when a fire starts in the home. Smoke alarms, also known as smoke detectors will alert you when there is a presence of smoke within the house or business. To guarantee maximum safety, a smoke alarm should be installed on each floor of the home, in the hallways, inside the bedrooms, and outside the sleeping areas. In addition, it needs to be mounted high on walls or on the ceiling. The good thing is that, the more smoke alarms you have, the better chances you will get of being alerted in case of fire emergencies. Aside from choosing the right kind of smoke alarm, it is important to have the right brand-a trusted one to make sure that you will be alerted as soon as possible and avoid annoying false alarms.




Smoke Alarms- The Best Brands





first alert




First Alert

First alert manufactures both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms and dual-sensor smoke detectors. It has 75 decibel alerting systems that come with a 10-year limited warranty. There are some models that feature a remote-control function, which will enable you to test the system with a radio remote or television. It also has an additional mute button that allows you to turn off the alarm temporarily, without completely disabling it, due to a non-flaming smoke episode in the steam or kitchen escaping from the bathroom.





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Kidde, just like First Alert also manufactures ionization, photoelectric, and dual smoke detectors. Its warranty coverage is dependent on the model, so pay attention to warranty details on the package – could end up with 0-10 years warranty on your unit. On the other hand, there are some units that could be hardwired into the home’s electrical supply, along with a backup battery, while others solely rely on battery power. Kidde’s alarm sound is at 85 decibels and the company also offers a special talking alarm.





FireX logo







FireX was acquired by Kidde in 2007. According to the National Institute of Standards Technology, it was once the most widely installed smoke alarm company. It manufactured photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. Although Kidde Company no longer makes FireX detectors, you may still encounter FireX smoke detectors in commercial or home setting.





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Nest Protect

Nest Protect, unlike the majority of smoke detectors, Nest models are distinctively square in shape instead of round. They come in a very cool black and white and measure 5.28” tall, 5.28” wide and 1.63” deep. They can be connected to your WiFi network to send alerts and updates to the accompanying Nest app that you can install on your tablet or smartphone. To choose, you have the option of having a battery-operated model or a wired 120 V model with a battery backup. For both these models, the batteries are specifically designed to last for a lifetime.




Just like the other best smoke alarms, the Nest Protect smoke detector is capable of detecting different fire types. It utilizes various sensors for fire detection. It has a smoke chamber that uses a photoelectric sensor, while its heat sensor can sense a quick rise in temperature. It also comes with a carbon monoxide sensor.





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USI is round in shape and measures 5.63×5.63×1.75 inches. It has a 10-year limited warranty that will provide replacement or repair when the alarm is defective. Their smoke alarms run on 120 V of AC power and should be wired into the home’s electrical system. A green LED provides visual confirmation that the AC power is on. The ability to quickly respond to flaming and smoldering fires make their smoke alarms a great choice for the home. The self-diagnostic check makes sure that the alarm is properly functioning when powered up. What adds to the advantages of their inexpensive smoke alarms are their automatic features such as sensitivity adjustment and warning when the alarm needs replacement.









A million things could happen within the home that may put the property and family in danger, but nothing can be scarier that unexpected dangers. Without these top quality brands of smoke alarms on your side, a fire could build in the home without you ever knowing it. When this happens, you will end up losing your home, other belongings, and worst of fall possibly a family member. Smoke detectors are everyday life savers. Whether in times of a spreading electrical fire (while you are asleep) of if you happen to forget something in the oven and return to a kitchen filled with smoke, these reliable smoke detectors are available to make sure that you will be alerted in time. This priceless benefit will allow you to put out the fire, or the least, call the fire department before everything in your home is destroyed. The above mentioned smoke detectors are important additions to the home- reliable, well-made, and affordable. You can trust your life with these brands of smoke alarms.