Retailers and cash businesses are high risk categories for targeted theft. Businesses in the liquor, pharmacy and nightclub/bar trades are extremely high risk categories.

These recommendations have been provided by professionals who have extensive experience in retail and cash business security.



Primary security systems


  • Get a burglar alarm installed by a professional alarm company!


  • Make sure your installer has shown you how to check your alarm system is operating properly. Then set a testing schedule every 6 months so you know your system is in good working order


  • Have your security system monitored by a professional monitored alarm company


  • Install a CCTV surveillance system for the exterior and interior, particularly at entrances and the till/counter area




Secondary security systems


  • Consider installing a safe with a drop-chute, businesses which handle large amounts of cash should be depositing sums throughout the day to ensure complete days takings are not held in tills


  • Consider installing a panic button at the till area


  • Convex mirrors allow you to see down aisles and in corners where shoplifters are most likely to steal, they are also a good deterrent


  • Display burglar alarm and monitored alarm stickers/signs prominently on gates, entrances and windows as deterrents




Security procedures


  • If you sell high risk items such as cigarettes, insure minimal stock is kept on display and on premises. If possible store excess stock in a locked safe, and move all stock to the safe on close of business


  • Particularly if your business is in an extremely high risk sector such as liquor retail ensure you have at least two staff members on site and visible throughout trading.


  • Always ensure you have at least two people on site for closing