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Burglary Investigation Techniques

    Burglary is the unlawful entry into someones home with an intention of stealing property. Burglary also represents one of the most common crimes to which police officers respond to. It’s deeply saddening when someone has to return to his home after a long day of...

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How to Protect Against Home Invasion

Home invasion happens when criminals force their way into an occupied home to commit robbery, rape or other crimes. This is one of the most frightening and potentially dangerous crimes that can happen to a family as it violates their personal space- their home, which...

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Best Brands of Smoke Alarms

    There is no doubt that smoke alarms can save lives. Given that they are properly installed and maintained, they can offer one of the most inexpensive warnings when a fire starts in the home. Smoke alarms, also known as smoke detectors will alert you when there is...

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Top Brands of Fire Extinguishers

Fire is often unpredictable and can be deadly. This is why you need to have a full-floor and multipurpose fire extinguisher on every level of your home; one in your garage and smaller supplemental units for the kitchen and car. In order to make sure that your property...

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Home Security System Problems and Fixes

Installing an alarm system is your first step to better protecting your family, possessions and having a safer home. It’s no surprise then that to have a security system that fails is a very serious issue. It’s possible to prevent security breaches and to ensure that...

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Driveway Alarms: The Home’s First Line of Defense

Many people travel and live in more urbanised areas to search for better paying job opportunities. Unfortunately, crime rates tend to be higher in bigger cities. Robberies, theft, and other property crimes are common occurrences. Although suburban communities are...

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Do’s and Don’ts for Maximizing Your Home Security

Frightening stories about burglaries and robberies are always on the news. We all want to know how to prepare for different situations, but one of our most common concerns is ensuring our home is always safe. In order to protect your home from burglary and other...

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The Age of Smart Homes and Home Automation

 When you leave home, there are some nagging doubts that might bother you. Did I turn off the coffeemaker? Did I set the security alarm? Are my kids safe at home while they do their homework? With a smart home, you can spare yourself from worries by just looking at...

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