Residential Driveway Gate

A residential entry gate and driveway.

Many people travel and live in more urbanised areas to search for better paying job opportunities. Unfortunately, crime rates tend to be higher in bigger cities. Robberies, theft, and other property crimes are common occurrences. Although suburban communities are typically safer, crime certainly still take place. This is because of the isolated nature of the homes, making them vulnerable and favorite targets for local criminals.

The best thing that one can do is to provide security for the home. Statistics show that homes with no security systems are 300{124a1aa5d8e75f80fb06159bb56072683769a4f491cda2c7d203e184b4224f94} more prone to crimes. While security systems are helpful in protecting the inside of the home, good driveway security can alert homeowners when there is a potential problem or deter criminals and trespassers before any damage is done. Keep reading to find out how to properly set up security for your driveway.

Improving Driveway Security


Lighting is an important deterrent. When the driveway is well-lit, there is a lower chance for trespassers or theft to occur. Proper lighting needs to be in place at all times, but should not be intrusive to keep you up all night.

Motion sensor lighting is the best type. These sensors will only illuminate when motion is detected. They can be mounted along the sides of your driveway. The sensors themselves function as deterrent and an alert system.

Driveway Security Sensors

These sensors mark a surveillance parameter for the driveway. They chime and provide audio alerts to the receiver in the home or building. They also come in different types for specific needs.

  • Magnetic sensor enabled to pick up vehicles


  • Beam oriented to pick up vehicles, people, and animals


  • Pressure sensor to provide alert when vehicles enter


Security Cameras

They are inexpensive and widely available. They can be placed in plain views on the driveway to have a video recording to check when an incident occurs. Security cameras are helpful for homes and businesses that may have theft concerns.

Driveway Alarm Accessories

A standard driveway alarm has features that alert homeowners of security issues, but more options are available. Users can customize the alarm by using accessories that would only activate when a signal is found. These accessories include the following.

Sirens– to produce an ear deafening sound. They deter intruders and draw attention to the property

Sound Production– chime, siren, and horn sounds can be produced through various accessories.

Strobe Light– a red and emergency strobe light can be installed. This has a flash when there is a signal present.

There are several accessories that can be used that would further enhance the security of your driveway. The good thing is, most of these accessories are inexpensive. Having one or two of these accessories properly installed in place can immensely bump up your homes driveway security measures. Provide the home and family with an effective and higher level of home security. Make sure danger is prevented the moment criminals step into the driveway.