When you leave home, there are some nagging doubts that might bother you. Did I turn off the coffeemaker? Did I set the security alarm? Are my kids safe at home while they do their homework? With a smart home, you can spare yourself from worries by just looking at your Smartphone or tablet. You can connect the appliances and devices in the house so they can communicate with one another and with you.


Terms like smart house, smart homes or connected house are heard a lot these days. This means that a home incorporates the use of advance home automation systems that provide home owners with sophisticated control and monitoring to the entire home. Virtually any device that uses electricity can be put on the home network, at your own command. Whether the command is by voice, tablet, smartphone, or remote control, your home reacts to your instructions. Commonly connect appliances to a smart home are lighting, heating, air conditioning, access control, camera systems, audio and video systems, home theater / entertainment and of course home security. With a smart home, homeowners can receive intelligent feedback and information while monitoring the different aspects of the home.




Set Up Your Own Smart Home


If you want to create your own smart home, you can do as much or as little, depending on your needs. For a start, think of the tasks you routinely do and find a way to automate them. You can begin with a lighting starter kit. But if you want to have a more expansive system that has a lot more features, it’s best to carefully design how the home will work, particularly if renovation or rewiring will be required. You should also give some thought to strategically place the nodes of the wireless networks, so they will have a good routing range. Below are some products and their functions that you can include when making your home a smart one.



  • Cameras- These will track the exterior of the home even if it’s pitch-black outside


  • Thermostat- You can control this from your bed, airport, or anywhere as long as your smartphone has a signal


  • LED lights- Programable brightness and color right from your own Smartphone


  • Smartphone Integration- This will allow you to turn the appliances and lights on and off from your phone


  • Motion Sensors- They will send you an alert when a motion has been detected around the house


  • Modern sensors can easily tell the difference between burglars and pets


  • Door Locks and Garage Doors- They will automatically open as you and your smartphone approach


  • Auto alerts from the security system will be immediately received by your smartphone, so you will instantly know if there is a problem at home




Benefits of a Smart Home


Smart homes make life easy and convenient. Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to control temperature, entertainment, lighting, etc.? Whether you are working or on holiday, your smart home will keep you in touch with what’s going on back at home. High tech security systems are often setup to provide immense amount of help in cases of emergency. For instance, a smart home will not only notify that there is fire, but it will also unlock the doors, light the path, and dial the fire department. There are also more helpful tricks that you can benefit from a smart home.



  • Light your path for night bathroom trips


  • Automatically unlock the door as you approach


  • Feed the pets on schedule


  • Create mood lighting for different occasions


  • Program the TV for children to watch only at specific time




Smart homes offer very exciting opportunities to change how we work and live our lives, while allowing us to reduce energy consumption. Imagine how beneficial it is to be able to check your messages, open the windows, control the lights, and monitor the safety of your family through your smartphone. The best thing of all, you can do these anytime and anywhere in the world.