CleverLoop Security Camera System Review

  The CleverLoop security camera system is an affordable package for your home or business. It’s ‘clever’ in the way that it actually learns (with a little feedback from the user) what’s important and warrants an alert (human or vehicle movement) and what’s … Continue reading

CCTV Cameras – Brand and Model Guide

Closed circuit television cameras are a virtual necessity for many different types of businesses. For residential use they are becoming much more popular as prices have become more reasonable and thieves get more sophisticated. These cameras pull double duty as … Continue reading

Interview: CCTV Systems – All You Need To Know Before Buying

  This is part 2 of our 2 part series (part 1 on home alarms here) where we interview John McMenamin – owner of Protec Security and Alarms in Auckland Our interview covers both residential CCTV systems and commercial CCTV … Continue reading

Types of Security Cameras – You Will Have Never Heard of Some

These days locked doors won’t go far in keeping your home or business secure. Thieves have become smarter and are more skilled in overcoming basic security measures. If the only thing you do is lock the doors and windows to … Continue reading

Hardwired or Wireless Security Cameras NZ?

  Before you can accurately determine whether you need hardwired or wireless security cameras in NZ, you’ll first want to take some time to understand the pros and cons of each choice. The truth is that each one is better … Continue reading

Top Brands of Home Security Cameras NZ

    Introduction In addition to a quality monitored burglar alarm, home security cameras are your next line of defense in prevention and possible identification of thieves in your home. There are several brands of home security cameras in NZ … Continue reading

CCTV Helps Catch Teen Earthquake Thieves

  Thanks to CCTV camera footage and the power of Facebook, Wellington Police have announced they were already able to identify 3 of the thieves who partook in the post earthquake Mojo cafe heist.   On Monday 22nd of July, … Continue reading

CCTV Cameras Help Snag NZ’s Dumbest Burglar

    Kaitaia is part of New Zealand’s far north region, well known for it’s avocado orchards and now for incredibly dumb burglars! The CCTV footage has been made world famous (in New Zealand) by the computer store – Laurenson … Continue reading

IP Cameras VS. CCTV Cameras NZ

IP security cameras (Internet protocol security cameras) have been available for several years in New Zealand, however due to higher pricing in they have been slow to take off in NZ.   CCTV cameras (closed circuit television cameras) have been … Continue reading

CCTV Cameras NZ Overview

In New Zealand CCTV has almost become an interchangeable term with security camera system and while CCTV still remains the dominant of two types, IP cameras have been steadily been gaining popularity. This CCTV cameras NZ article gives you a … Continue reading