Thanks to CCTV camera footage and the power of Facebook, Wellington Police have announced they were already able to identify 3 of the thieves who partook in the post earthquake Mojo cafe heist.


On Monday 22nd of July, around 7 hours after an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale hit Wellington and the upper South Island. Four teenagers made an opportunistic night time raid on the Mojo Cafe set in the State Insurance Tower, Willis Street, Wellington.
They helped themselves to drinks and food before identifying a small safe which held just over $1000 in cash.


Mojo used the CCTV footage to produce clear stills of the teens and posted them on their Facebook page. This led to quick identification by the Wellington public, Mojo has since removed the stills following the identification.


Security guards have been stationed around various hot spots in central Wellington to deter any more opportunistic looting while the post quake cleanup continues.


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