There are a number of high quality brands of burglar alarms available throughout NZ, with alarms and security systems to suit everything from entry level residential needs to top of the range, heavy use commercial requirements.


Though crime rates throughout the country remain relatively low on an international standard.

A steady increase in some urban areas such as parts of Auckland, Wellington and particularity Christchurch have resulted in increased demand for burglar alarms and security systems for homes and businesses.




Bosh Security Systems Logo




Bosch is a worldwide supplier of trusted high quality security products and a leader in innovation and design. Bosch offers a complete range of home security system components for both residential applications as well as large commercial installations.


Bosch is considered by many security experts as the industry leaders in quality alarms. They are particularly strong in the residential market due to reliability and a reasonable component cost. Bosch is the go-to brand for many professional alarm installers in NZ.




The solution series keypads includes 10 models of keypads including the popular ICP-CP516W and ICP-CP508W models. All pieces are attractive and designed to blend in with today’s contemporary homes. You will find the main differences to be in display features.

All Solution series keypads include:

  • Single button arming
  • Back lit screen and buttons
  • Fire, medical and panic alarm functions



Control Panels

Solution series control panels come in 5 sub-lines offering to the CC610PB

Main features of Solution control panels include:

  • Multiple users
  • Partition for multiple zones
  • Access control integrability
  • Proximity keypads




Bosch Blue Line Burglar Alarm SensorThe motion PIR Blue Line series contains 6 unique sensors, all designed to perform in different environments.



All are are able to be integrated into a wide variety of Bosch alarm installations

Aimed at residential and light commercial applications such as shopfronts.



The 3 most popular sensors in this series include:


  • ISM-BLP1 – A passive infrared detector and the most affordable in the range. It is best utilised when animals and overly active areas are not in the area, such as a retail environment.


  • ISM-BLQ1 – This quad PIR unit acts like two detectors on one and is designed further reduce false alarms, and can be used accurately in areas of high activity. If you have a regular motion in one part of your room that would cause a normal detector to go off, this will not.


  • ISM-BLD1-P – This alarm combines infrared and microwave technology to provide the most sensitive detection system available from Bosch. It is suitable for commercial use and also residential properties where large pets are present.



Bosch offer complete range of security products including smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, wireless microphone systems and much more.



dollarsignExpect to pay $699+ GST (including installation) for an entry level Bosch domestic system with 2 PIR motion sensors.

For a more convenient wireless system expect to pay $899+ GST (including installation)





DSC Alarm systems logo



DSC (Digital Security Controls) was founded in 1979 and is a global, Toronto based company that services over 140 countries worldwide, and specializes in producing products that are easy to install and upgrade.

All DSC products come out of their Canada and Italy manufacturing facilities. There are no low quality import components when it comes to DSC.


DSC has a quality range of detectors known as the Bravo series. These sensors utilise similar technology to the Bosch systems in terms of combining infrared and microwave detection systems to produce a highly sensitive, pet-proof system that greatly reduces false alarms.


The Bravo range also offers digital temperature compensation to ensure that detection occurs across a wide thermal range.


DSC also offers a range of outdoor motion sensors suitable for commercial or residential use with low light functioning, waterproof qualities, pet-proof sensing and thermal regulation.


Also in the commercial range from DSC are the Acuity Glass Break Detectors (AC-100 and AC-102), using both shock and acoustic sensors for highly accurate and reliable results.


DSC Security touchscreenWhile still not widely available in NZ. DSC’s recently release the PowerSeries TouchScreen Security System (PTK5507) is hailed as the next generation of home security and smart home automation combined.


With it’s 7″ full color touch display it looks and operates more like an ipad than the standard alarm keypad we’ve all long become accustomed to.



DSC produces a range of other products including home security systems, CCTV cameras, and top of the range alarm monitoring software.




Expect to pay $649+ GST (including installation) for a standard DSC domestic system with 2 sensors.

For a basic wireless system expect to pay $849+ GST (including installation)





Paradox Burglar Alarm systems logo



Paradox has been providing burglar alarms in NZ for over 20 years, and also offers CCTV camera systems.

The company has most recently been focusing heavily on software development to accompany their products.

Paradox has a high quality range of motion detectors and sensors available for commercial or residential use.


These products utilize pulse signal processing (a patented technology) to drastically reduce the number of false alarms, and automatic temperature compensation to ensure function over a wide thermal range.


There are currently 13 digital sensors in the Paradox range, allowing for a wide range of applications.


The reliable digiguard series includes models like the DG55 and Elegance are ideal for everyday use.


Paradox Envy DG-85 sensorWhere high performance is a must choose a product from the Envy line like the DG85 Outdoor High-Security Digital Motion Detector.


The DG85 boasts the following features:


  • Impact and temperature resistant casing
  • Patented digital motion detection
  • High reliability and false alarm free
  • Dual optical filtering system
  • Multi level sensitivity adjustment





Expect to pay $699+ GST (including installation) for the entry level Paradox domestic system with 2 PIR motion detectors.

If you want to go wireless – expect to pay $899+ GST (including installation)





Micron Security Products Logo



Micron products have been designed and manufactured in NZ for over 35 years, making them the number one local choice.


Micron specialises in surveillance equipment, intercoms, medical emergency response equipment and a range of home security systems.


In terms of burglar alarms, Micron are right up with the leading international brands like Bosch and Paradox and DSC


Micron home security alarm set Their range of Scorpion sensors use a combination of infrared and microwave technology for greater detection, and with pet immune technology to reduce false alarms.


Micron’s entry level Scorpion Z6L control panel provides reliability with 6 zones and 12 user codes.


For demanding commercial installations the Z16040C provides all the options and the zones you need, along with up to 4 partitions.


Micron’s line of security components also features a quality glass break sensor the BG100, adding another level of security to your home or business.


Micron also produces high quality access control, surveillance, medical alert and intercom products


If you’re looking to support a local business, Micron is a great option for burglar alarms in New Zealand, offering reliability, affordability and high quality products.




Expect to pay $599+ GST (including installation) for an entry level Micron domestic alarm system with 2 motion sensors.

If you want to go wireless – expect to pay around $749+ GST (including installation)





Crow Security Alarms Logo



The Crow Group designs and manufactures advanced security solutions for the worldwide integrated security market, and specialise in intrusion, access control and CCTV systems across residential, commercial and industrial markets.


Crow offers a range of wireless detectors with their Freewave series, as well as glass break, shock detectors, and regular wall or ceiling mount detectors.


The MR series of detectors represents the top of the Crow range, and utilises new technology to enhance the signal to noise ratio, drastically reducing the number of false alarms.


Crow Serenity alarm control panelCrow’s flagship Serenity alarm system is a beautiful and functional control centre for your home security system.


Featuring 32 wireless zones, 2 way voice, LCD display, and wireless relay for home automation integration.


Crow also have the Smart series which utilise the latest in detection system technologies to provide products with high sensitivity and excellent systems for discriminating between human movement and pets or other motion.




Expect to pay $599+ GST (including installation) for a basic Crow home alarm system with 2 motion detectors.

For a wireless system – expect to pay around $749+ GST (including installation)





OEM Alarm Brands


OEM Brands

There are a number of burglar alarms in New Zealand that are manufactured by one brand and then purchased and distributed by another in NZ.


For instance, Bosch burglar alarms are currently distributed throughout New Zealand by Connect Security, and CCTV systems from Bosch are currently distributed by Zone Technology.


While this is not the case for a majority of burglar alarms in New Zealand, it does occur in some instances.





There are a number of high quality brands of burglar alarms available for purchase in New Zealand.


Internationally renowned brands Bosch and Paradox currently provide the highest quality and utilise the latest technology in burglar alarms.


These are our picks for a reliable and effective home security solution.


While local companies such as Micron offer a made in New Zealand alternative that is able to rival the quality and features of the larger brands.


As home automation reaches more mass market, expect to see these larger brands move into the next generation of fully wireless smart alarm systems with full color touch screen displays and complete smart phone integration.


While many of these great features are already available they are still expensive, particularly in New Zealand where the standard entry levels alarm systems still account for more than 80{124a1aa5d8e75f80fb06159bb56072683769a4f491cda2c7d203e184b4224f94} of residential alarm installations.


For more information on any of these brands and a security system to suit your needs. Use the quote form to receive a free a quick no-obligation quote