Kaitaia is part of New Zealand’s far north region, well known for it’s avocado orchards and now for incredibly dumb burglars!

The CCTV footage has been made world famous (in New Zealand) by the computer store – Laurenson Technology in Kaitaia after it was recently uploaded to YouTube


On the 2nd of July at around 9pm the barefoot burglar starts his first of five passes past the computer store. When he finally decides to attempt the break-in by smashing a window, the burglar alarm siren sounds and he makes hasty exit.


After the incident was reported to the police station along with the captured CCTV camera footage. A police officer recognizes the would be burglar and has charges are now being laid.


This video is a laugh and a half because:-


  • The burglar is barefoot
  • His first choice of break in tool is a pubic water mains cover
  • He puts a jacket over his head to disguise himself
  • He makes 5 passes before deciding to break-in
  • He runs away after the alarm sounds
  • He got caught!


Moral of the story is CCTV cameras help to catch criminals!