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Home and Commercial Monitored Alarms Auckland

Despite many of the Auckland based Police reports you might read showing 'reported' crime dropping year on year. 'Real' crime rates continue to rise, this makes improving the safety of your home and and business even more important. Everyone looks to protect the...

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Cuff Security Jewelry – Wearable Tech

Though wearable technology certainly seems like a great idea, particularly in today’s day and age when we are so dependent on our devices, there are millions of men and women throughout the world who refuse to wear it because it doesn’t do much to make a fashion...

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Choosing the Right Home Security Systems NZ

There are plenty of different styles and brands of home security systems NZ from which you can choose, but how do you know which one is the right one? You can choose to have it monitored or unmonitored, wired or wireless, and you can even decide whether you want to...

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Hardwired or Wireless Security Cameras NZ?

Before you can accurately determine whether you need hardwired or wireless security cameras in NZ, you’ll first want to take some time to understand the pros and cons of each choice. The truth is that each one is better suited for certain applications, budgets and...

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Top Brands of Home Security Cameras NZ

Introduction In addition to a quality monitored burglar alarm, home security cameras are your next line of defense in prevention and possible identification of thieves in your home. There are several brands of home security cameras in NZ that outsell the others, and...

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Better Boat Security

Boat security is a big deal in New Zealand, trailer boat theft happens year-round regardless of whether your boat is in use or parked up during the off season. Your boat is one of your biggest assets and it needs to be protected. Use our guide on protecting your boat...

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House Alarm Systems To Protect Your Property

Nearly all of us, or at least someone we know, has had the horrible experience of coming back to find that the security of their home has been compromised. Seeing our belongings strewn about, trying to get our bearings as we determine what has been stolen, it's...

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