Despite many of the Auckland based Police reports you might read showing ‘reported’ crime dropping year on year. ‘Real’ crime rates continue to rise, this makes improving the safety of your home and and business even more important.

Everyone looks to protect the people and the things they cherish most, their family, home and business. There is an increase in the number of home and business owners in Auckland who realize the importance of alarm monitoring systems.

Despite not being at home or on-site all the time, they have peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and that they will be alerted if this changes.



Top Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

Quick Response to Break-Ins
Although home security systems are effective, they are simply lights and sirens when unmonitored. When was the last time you turned your head when a car alarm went off?
A monitored alarm sends a signal to the monitoring station the second the alarm goes off. For those with CCTV, they can easily see whether it’s a true break in or a false alarm. This helps a lot in reducing costly call out fees and your cellphone ringing at 3am.


Fire Detection
Alarm monitoring is not only just about detect intruders. You can have your carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms be monitored. This will allow the monitoring company to alert the fire department directly.

Or in cases of other home emergencies, alarm systems have a panic feature. This activates the alarm by remote and alerts the monitoring company for an immediate response.


Peace of Mind
This is the most important aspect of an alarm system. There are various reasons to protect the home, but the main concern is the safety of your family and assets. Monitored alarm systems can ease the stress and worry by ensuring your family will always be coming back to a secure house.




Home versus Commercial Monitoring


There are two kinds of monitoring: home and commercial. Aside from the costs, knowing the differences will help home and business owners understand the advantages and limitations of their monitoring service.
Home Monitoring- This operates through the use of home security systems which may include the following alert devices: smoke and heat sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and entry / motion sensors.

Home monitoring has 24/7 alarm surveillance, which means that a control center is permanently watching the home, always ready to dispatch a response team.


Commercial Monitoring- Whether your business is a local shop  or a large warehousing facility, it needs a reliable and user friendly security system which may include the following: video surveillance, access control, burglar alarm, fire detection and carbon monoxide alarms, energy management, mobile solutions, and even environmental hazard monitoring.




Activation Only versus Full Service Monitoring

Activation Only Monitoring- The standard monitoring service which responds to alarm activations, informs you of fault signals and logs all system activation/deactivation history.
Full Service Monitoring- This is activation only monitoring plus additional security services such as regular night patrols, open and closing monitoring checked against a schedule – identification calls (if staff come in early or stay late, the monitoring company will call to identify them)



Live in Auckland and Want a Monitored Alarm System For Your Home or Business?


Use our quote request form to the right hand side of the page to get a free onsite quote of a fully monitored alarm system for your home or business.

Although the prices vary depending on the alarm monitoring company, basic monitoring is usually around $1 per day. Additional services and full service monitoring prices increase from there
Safety and security is an investment, having a good alarm system that is monitored 24/7 installed in your house or business will keep you, your family, staff and assets protected