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Of the 100+ countries Paradox serves, you can count New Zealand well among them. Atlas Gentech acts as the distributor on the companies behalf, and hosts an annual roadshow in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. In last year’s roadshow, they showed off products such as the NV35M series, alongside the launch of the Paradox Insight.


Paradox Security Systems is a company that prides itself on delivering the best, most advanced technology in the industry. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Quebec, Paradox remains a privately-held business to this day. It strives to develop better technology in the security industry and satisfy customers, whether they need installations for simple residences or commercial buildings. Some of their systems safeguard banks, military sites, and other areas that need elite level security.


Since its inception, Paradox has pushed toward evolution in security systems. In the beginning, it focused on the development of high-quality motion detectors, with patents behind those detectors still being used in their modern-day products. The commitment to sterling technology continued through 1996, which saw the introduction of Paradox’s Digiplex series – and with it, an expandable system to extend those products’ components. 2001 saw the rise of Paradox’s wireless systems, such as the award-winning Magellan console; from there, the company moved on to software development, upgrading existing products, and introducing better communication models.


Paradox’s main goal is to boost its technology even further. The company invests plenty of time and resources into R&D, so that it’s systems can continuously be refined and kept viable for modern standards of living. Paradox wants it’s systems to be future proofed and to work in well with the new world of home automation. Paradox wants their products to stay innovative, simple to use, and clearly stand out from competitors.


Paradox has a number of awards to its name. In 2009 the company – along with its Brazilian distributor, GSN, received honors at the Marca Brazil Awards ceremony for its burglar alarm systems, detectors, and training. It received the Top Max recognition, signaling that Paradox won its sector award across eight consecutive years while maintaining industry standards. In 2013, Paradox would go on to be ranked as one of the top ten international security brands at the 8th annual Top Security Brands ceremony in Shenzhen, China.


Paradox has maintained its presence and lead in the field of security technology for over 30 years. Paradox is one of NZ’s most popular and trusted security system brands and according to their own statistics, 90{124a1aa5d8e75f80fb06159bb56072683769a4f491cda2c7d203e184b4224f94} of their distributors and suppliers remain loyal customers. Paradox has distributors spread across more than 100 countries, most of which stay exclusive to the company. By doing so, Paradox manages to create personal ties to customers, suppliers and installers.



Paradox Products

Paradox has an array of security products that suit various needs. Not only do they offer efficient and convenient technology, but also have the aesthetics to impress as well as they protect. Here are some of the products and services that Paradox has available.



Paradox Home Automation Software


  • iParadox app

As part of Paradox’s R&D initiatives, the iParadox app allows its users to remotely access their security systems via their mobile devices. Not only can it provide info and notifications, but it also lets users activate their alarms from afar if they forget to do so in person.


  • ParadoxMyHome

ParadoxMyHome is a service that lets its user access a Paradox device that’s connected to the internet, and then view information or make edits. Similarly, the My Alarm System lets end users access their system from any place in the world, as long as it remains linked to an ID provided by the site.



Paradox Motion Detectors and Sensors


NV780 Digital Outdoor DetectorNV780 Digital Outdoor Detector

As part of the Envy Detection Series, the Paradox NV780 uses two infrared detectors to thoroughly cover exterior walls and windows. It’s efficient optics will only trigger an alarm if both projected beams are crossed — meaning that pets and cars are fine, but intruders will be spotted in an instant.


DG85 Series Outdoor Motion DetectorDG85 Series Outdoor Motion Detector

Like the NV780, the DG85 Series is a reliable module that has built-in safeguards against false alarms. With multiple levels of sensitivity, it can pick up anything that might threaten your security.



Paradox Security Cameras


Paradox Insight CamerasParadox Insight Cameras

Paradox has made it easier than ever for a user to manage security. The company’s Insight HD77 is a core example; it records high-quality audio and video so that users can monitor homes and businesses at all times, in full color if need.The Paradox Insight app would allow you to access HD videos on demand, streamed straight to your smartphone.

As a bonus, the camera doesn’t rely on battery power, and stores its recordings on a built-in memory card so that only authorized users can reach it. The user is in full control of the data, the recordings, and the safety at hand.



Paradox Specialist Lines


Magellan Paradox Line

The Magellan line specializes in two-way wireless security systems, with StayD technology that protects buildings even without manual activation by users. Additionally, it offers convenience in use and ease of installation for residences or small commercial sites thanks to the wireless units. Installers can update their systems thanks to two features: the ability to receive in-field firmware upgrades, and panels that offer simple menu-based programming.

Other consoles in the Magellan line provide family message centers and FM radios alongside the security measures you’d expect from any Paradox system. Regardless of the model, the company promises a designer look to make any given product a sure fit for whatever home or office it is installed in.


Paradox MG5050 Control PanelParadox MG5050 Control Panel

The Paradox MG5050 control panel features multiple numbers to report events, including five for personal use, as well as a new sleep arming method. Additionally, it comes equipped with StayD Mode, which passively yet securely keeps the system armed at all times.


Paradox MG5000 Control PanelParadox MG5000 Control Panel

Like the MG5050, the Paradox MG5000 also uses the company’s StayD technology to monitor homes and family members at all times. Not only does it allow for in-field upgrades, but also lets its owner access it via the iParadox app.


MG6250 All-in-one ConsoleMG6250 All-in-one Console

True to its name, the MG6250 brings with it a number of features, such as two-way voice communication and a family message center. Its key function is to use its contact and motion sensors to spot trespassers, and provide support in case of emergencies.


Paradox Spectra Line

The Paradox Spectra line of products puts an emphasis on an expandable security system. The communication technology allows for Spectra to develop further thanks to wireless and hardwired modules.

Paradox SpectraAs a result, and following the birth of the Spectra SP series, the products can be enhanced to cover up to 32 different zones, enable voice dialing, and connect to the internet as needed. Much like its contemporaries, products in the Spectra line can be upgraded via in-field firmware updates, as well as simple menus on the panels. The simplicity and variability of the line’s offerings make it ideal for residential and commercial installations alike.



Paradox Digiplex EVO Line

While Paradox’s products often provide for homes and businesses, the Digiplex and Digiplex EVO lines can do much more. Their systems offer the highest amount of protection possible for banks, government sites, million dollar residential homes, and any other spot that needs a higher level of security.

 Paradox Digiplex EVO LineDespite their importance, they retain Paradox’s typical ease of use; time-saving features for installation and maintenance are standard. Additionally, it’s possible to expand each system with modules that can be added anywhere. These modules not only help with monitoring a zone, but can also be programmed remotely. With the ability to safeguard and manage up to 32 doors at once, the Digiplex lines make high-level security into a simple affair.





Paradox would never have made it to the present day if not for its commitment to core principles. Its drive to provide evolving technology ensures that it stays relevant and ahead of their competition.

Though the company chooses to look ahead, it still provides for the present; it has the awards to show for it, alongside long-lasting professional relationships that only bolster their efforts. Paradox Security Systems claims to prioritize personalized service and innovative technology, and as it stands, there’s isn’t much reason to doubt that claim!

Paradox security systems are a preferred brand of our alarm installers for good reason.


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