Security needs to be taken seriously. Crime happens everywhere and if we don’t take precautions we may end up as victims. Good thing that new technology has made it possible for us to make sure that we can go to work and come back to a safe home.


One of the most cost-effective ways of doing this is to install CCTV cameras. These are proven deterrents to burglars and thieves. The video footage can prevent crime or help in the investigation to solve the case. With CCTV cameras, anywhere, anything, and anyone can be captured.


The best part about having a CCTV camera is the chance to see all types of events, from the boring ones to the craziest. If you think you’ve seen the best videos on the web, from pets to people to natural disasters, watch these five crazy videos and see why having a CCTV is a must.




Video #5- Nun caught stealing beer


Somewhere out there, there’s a nun on the run. This CCTV footage that has gone viral shows a nun who went out to shop for some beer, but ended up helping herself to just a little too much. You will agree that it’s pretty shocking, especially with the fact that a nun is stealing- a beer! What was she thinking?




Video #4- Shocking CCTV footage during an earthquake in Nepal


In April this year, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu in Nepal and some parts of India. This is some shocking CCTV footage of a hotel that displays the severity of the earthquake. In the video, the water is furiously tossed around because of the tremor. Although no one is seen in the footage, many lives were lost during the disaster.




Video #3- Guy gets hit, people didn’t care




A man crossed the street and was hit by a van- twice! What’s more shocking was when the driver got out of the car and kicked the man. But as seen in the video, despite seeing what happened, these two men acted like nothing happened. Was it because of shock? Or was it because some people just don’t care?




Video #2- Robber got beaten up by a girl


Robbers should learn a lesson or two from this video. A man snatched the bag of the woman as soon as she got out of her car. Surprisingly, the snatcher got his ass kicked! This girl definitely knows how to defend herself. For all robbers out there, be sure your target doesn’t know karate.




Video #1- Man snatched a woman’s bag, ended up losing his scooter


This footage shows a woman’s quick-thinking in giving the robber what he deserves.  As the Malaysian woman walks in an alleyway, a snatcher pulls up in front of her on a scooter before grabbing the woman’s bag and ran away. The next thing happened was unexpected. It was some quick revenge for the woman as she escaped with the thief’s scooter.





This CCTV footage proves that regardless of the situation, captured evidence is helpful. Whether its purpose is to solve a crime or be a witness to a significant event, this type of security is a must for homes and businesses.


These security cameras can also be used for other purposes. For example, it can keep an eye on children and elderly folks to monitor their safety. It can also serve as a monitoring system for high-risk areas such as in factories to prevent potential damages and accidents.


As a customer, we always want to feel secure when in an establishment and the presence of CCTV cameras can do just that. It can increase the confidence of customers and their sense of safety and security. All these things and more are some of the benefits of having CCTV.

So if you want to be safe all the time and to see more of these crazy videos, have your own CCTV camera installed now.