Safety and security are vitally important to everyone. Especially in this day and age when it seems that almost every day something horrible or tragic has happened and it replays on the news until it is ingrained in your memory. Before disaster or tragedy strikes too close to home, it is a great idea to be fully aware and educated in all of the steps you can take in order to, survive, and even thrive, in any situation.

Danger may even be lurking where you least expect it and comes in forms you wouldn’t even think of. Are your children safe in your own home? Are your elderly parents being treated well in their assisted living home? Are you being followed by a stranger? Is there someone targeting your children online? Will you be ok if you or your spouse gets laid off? Are those the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding in through those dark clouds? Well probably not….but you never know.

Is there someone targeting your children online? Will you be ok if you or your spouse gets laid off? Are those the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding in through those dark clouds? Well probably not….but you never know.


Top 50 safety security survival blogs badgeFrom cyber safety to self-defense to family safety to a full on apocalypse, the following blogs are written and researched by experts in their respected fields. Learn how to fight off attackers, be aware of your surroundings, protect your family, and become an all around survival renegade. These blogs have been hand picked specifically for their wealth of information and variety of topics. Whether you are a novice just learning or an expert comparing skills, please read on because there is a new, informative blog for you.

These blogs have been hand picked specifically for their wealth of information and variety of topics. Whether you are a novice just learning or an expert comparing skills, please read on because there is a new, informative blog for you.








Jennifer is the highly educated mother of two behind the safety blog, Wemakeitsafer. As a mom, she is passionate about product safety and product recalls specifically for children. Her blog emphasizes that her main concern is informing every parent of recalls that may have gone unnoticed by not getting enough media attention. Her efforts have not only led to this blog but to becoming an advisory member to many child safety organization. With a team of child safety experts dubbed The Safety Brigade, Jennifer’s site is among the most qualified and organized.


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MommyB first started her family and parenting blog as a way to stay in touch with family who live far away. It evolved into an all things parenting blog with advice, giveaways, and relatable stories. She comes across as the friendly mom you could meet anywhere but not the intimidating one who seems like she has everything down and bakes delicious cookies every day. She has been a mom for a long time so she has advice from pregnancy to teenagers from everyday stuff to safety precautions you may not have thought of.


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After experiencing her own personal tragedy, Alison became committed to saving children’s lives. She has dedicated herself to safety and parenting blogs as well as contributing to other popular parenting sites and appearances on television, and even a weekly radio show aiming to keep other parents aware and sane. Her website offers a wide range of topics for infants to teenagers. Too Cold to Play Outside? Make Sure It’s Safe Indoors! is a great read for anyone suffering through the short, cold days of winter boredom.


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Michael is a crime prevention expert who has experienced his own hardships and abuse throughout his life. He was able to overcome his rough upbringing, and his own juvenile delinquency, to become a successful crime prevention and safety expert. With his life experience, Michael is the best expert when it comes to safety of all types from child to women to self-defense and simply being aware of your surroundings. Read his post on Home Security to feel the safest in the place where you can be the most vulnerable.


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ChildsafetyblogChild Safety Blog

The Child Safety Blog was created as a website to educate parents to raise safer children. Bryan is the accomplished man behind the group and has four children of his own. His blog covers a plethora of topics including toy safety, water safety, childhood bullying and cyberbullying. He even has articles appealing to parents and their needs. This site seems to cover it all and does so in an approachable and personable way. Bullying and What You Can Do About It brings attention to an ever-growing problem with today’s children


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Meghan's HopeMeghan’s Hope

Meghan’s Hope was sadly started after a preventable tragedy killed a 3-year-old named Meghan, after her dresser fell on top of her. Her parents then set out on a mission to never have this happen to another family and began this safety blog. It emphasizes that an accident can occur at any time, any place, even when a parent is at home. Read Meghan’s Story, and if you haven’t already, you will secure your furniture to your walls today if you have young children.


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Child Safety FunChild Safety Fun

Glen and Annmarie are a husband/wife team who started teaching seminars for children to train them on the dangers of strangers and abduction.They do it in a way as to not frighten the children they teach. This all began after Glen saw another report about a child abduction and murder. Abduction isn’t their only focus but also other child safety issues. OMG! Child Sexting Epidemic! Run For Your Lives! has a lighthearted tone like all of their posts but also touches on the fact that as a parent it is your responsibility to teach your child about sex.   


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2016-02-04_1211Bullying LTE

This site is a bit different from all of the others on this list. Bullying LTE collects stories and contributions from anyone who wants to share their stories of being bullied and the long-term effects into adulthood. This concept is no doubt cathartic to many who have experienced bullying in their youth and knowing that they aren’t alone in their feelings. Alan shares his own personal stories as well. Why Bullying Recovery is Alan’s account as to why his blog is now more about recovery and the importance moving on mentally and emotionally.


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insideeldercareInside Elder Care

Ryan’s life changed in an instant when he answered a phone call from his mother’s house that turned out to be paramedics. His mother had a stroke and both of their lives would never be the same. Ryan’s mother was now struggling in assisted living and he was introduced to the world of elder care. This blog is a wonderful resource to all dealing with the world of elder care, whether it’s new or something you’ve been dealing with for awhile. Helping Seniors Avoid Isolation details the importance of seniors staying active and involved in their community and with families.


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homesafehomesHome Safe Homes

Home Safe Homes focuses on rebuilding and remodeling homes in order to keep residents where they feel most comfortable. This restructuring can be necessary to those who have sustained injuries, to the elderly who now have different needs, and to homes that have been damaged by Mother Nature herself. In addition to home renovations, this site has blog posts focusing on elder care along with tips and additional benefits for keeping a healthy and active senior lifestyle. This organization has a big heart and has helped countless people remain home sweet home.


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survivalblogSurvival Blog

James is the self-sufficient man behind Survival Blog. The name of the blog is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to survive any sort of disaster, natural, man-made disaster, or any other dire situation in the woods, in the water, in your home, or anywhere, this is the place to be. And honestly, why wouldn’t you want to? Infectious Disease in the TEOTWAWKI World- Part 1, by Militant Medic is a very interesting 6 part read that gives eye-opening advice and medical scenarios for the end of the world as we know it.


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thesurvivalistblogThe Survivalist Blog

M.D. Creekmore is a bonafide survivalist and prepper. This man is an expert and has the qualifications to justify all of his advice on The Survivalist Blog. He is a certified gunsmith, has lived off the grid, is CPR certified, is an avid hunter/outdoorsman, and has over 20 years of survival experience. He comes off as a little intense but you kind of have to be when it comes to survival. Would Your Children Survive on Their Own? is an interesting read for parents who may not consider what their children would do if they were left on their own.


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offgridsurvivalOff Grid Survival

Robert uses his extensive knowledge and survival expertise to educate others on how to survive in the wilderness or in an urban area. He is passionate about this topic and Off Grid Survival simply informs others of the ease of being confident of survival in situations big or small. For example, being lost in the woods or preparing for a blizzard in your suburban neighborhoods. Robert references a popular TV show to demonstrate the importance of being prepared in Three Things Survivalists Can Learn From The Walking Dead.


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readynutritionReady Nutrition

Tess was inspired to become a prepper/survivalist because she was raised by one. Growing up in Texas, Tess’s dad was ready for all of those hurricanes. As an adult, Tess began working for the Red Cross and after witnessing the organization’s’ response to 9/11, decided disaster preparation was for her. Tess isn’t only prepared for natural disasters, she is prepared for economic ones. With a looming economic downturn, like the GFC in 2008, read The Whole Thing is About to Become Unhinged: 6 Ways to Prepare for the Next Collapse so you are prepared.


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doomandbloomDoom and Bloom

Joe and Amy are a husband/wife team who are experts in first aid and medical safety. Joe is a doctor and Amy is a nurse/midwife. It is safe to say that these two know what they are talking about. Together, they have penned a bestselling book and host a weekly syndicated podcast. Their medical advice is only for post-apocalyptic settings but also cover current events such as the increase in shootings, flu vaccines, animal attacks, and more. The SWAT Tourniquet is an informative article detailing how to help an injured person in the event of a shooting.


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backdoorsurvivalBackdoor Survival

Gaye began Backdoor Survival after becoming disgusted and concerned about the floundering economy and its effect on the working middle class. She was determined to become an expert prepper and then decided to start her blog to share what she had learned. Gaye believes in self-sufficiency, food prepping,  food storage, and other prepping techniques. The best thing about her blog is that she began prepping later in life and is self-taught. 10 Commandments of Survival You Need to Know About is a great starter article to give you an idea of Gaye’s personality and how she defines survival.


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modernsurvivalblogModern Survival Blog

Ken’s Modern Survival Blog is a straight to the point, highly detailed blog that is full of information. Everything from situational disasters to economic downturns to short-term emergencies and a full on apocalypse is included. There are many categories, each with a plethora of articles, that it may feel overwhelming at first but after specializing your search, you will feel more prepared for anything life may throw your way. Under survival skills, To Panic, or Not to Panic, That is the Question explores the natural human reaction of panic and the importance of staying calm in any situation.


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thereadystoreThe Ready Store

The Ready Store is a family owned business that began when parents, Jeff and Amy, had an idea to be prepared and self-sufficient with their own food. With five kids, it’s only natural to have some worries about keeping their family fed in the event of natural disasters or economic downturns. They began assembling family emergency kits and grew a business. They now sell food products, military MRE meals, and teach food preparedness and safety. Storing Your Water in the Winter has good advice for the most important survival item when there is a danger of freezing.


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theprepperjournalThe Prepper Journal

With over 8.3 million blog views, The Prepper Journal is a highly respected and informative survival blog. Pat runs this blog in anonymity and focuses on a wide variety of survival and general preparedness. He also emphasizes using common sense, which is something sadly lacking in today’s modern world.  Fitness for Preppers is a guest blog but highlights an often overlooked aspect of prepping and survival. The more pushups you can do, your odds for survival are greater in the event of a dire situation. Drop and give us 20.


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thesurvivaldoctorThe Survival Doctor

Dr. Hubbard has been a practicing family doctor for 30 years. He has a wide variety of experience, working in both large and small cities, and both ER’s and clinics. Still in all of his years of practice, he was surprised by a general lack of medical knowledge in even the most basic situation. His blog is designed to inform the public of what to do in medical emergencies in the event that doctors and nurses are no longer readily available. Brain Hacking: How to Prep for Emergency Thinking is important because a clear mind is key to survival.


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survival-spotSurvival Spot

Chrystle’s survival blog is dedicated to teaching survival to anyone willing to learn. She not only teaches the “hows” of survival but “why” too. Topics range from surviving natural disasters to homesteading and living off the grid to the possibility of an economic collapse. Uniquely, she thinks that the health of mind, body, and spirits are essential to survival. Survival Spot also keeps their readers up to date with current events. Stock Market Crash 2016: This Is The Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever is an informative article detailing the possible stock market crash.


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prepared-housewivesPrepared Housewives

As a wife and mother, Jamie’s main priority is her family. She will do anything to keep her family safe. To Jamie, this meant becoming an expert in food storing, preparation, and being all around ready for any situation for life to throw her way. With four children, she has been forced to become organized which has been very helpful in her prepper lifestyle. Her expertise ranges from emergency preparedness to getting the kids ready for school. Her blog is for the everyday family.


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foodstorageandsurvivalFood Storage and Survival

Angela was raised in a frugal household and that carried over into her adult life. Shortly after getting married to her husband, they decided together that they wanted to be able to self-sufficiently provide for their family in the event of any emergency. Fifteen years and four children later, Angela is now an expert food storage survivalist. Part of a 9 week long series, 72 Hour Emergency Kits Series Week 9: Documents details throwing together the important documents you may need in one place in the event of an evacuation either from wildfires, tornadoes, or any other emergency.


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thesurvivalpodcastThe Survival Podcast

Jack began his daily survival podcast eight years ago during his long daily commutes to work. His podcasts turned into his hobby which then evolved into his full-time job that he now has the luxury of doing at home. Jack likes to focus on the importance of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. This includes everything from debt to the environment to simply living life to the fullest. He is big on saving the environment to save ourselves which is the absolute truth. Read his numerous blogs and listen to podcasts to see what he is all about.


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Gray Wolf SurvivalGraywolf Survival

Scott is an army vet who began his blog, Graywolf Survival, to keep his mind off of serious matters while he was deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The name Graywolf comes from an army nickname because of his long, gray beard. Scott has survived war and is the epitome of survival. He is an always prepared prepper, straight to the point, no-nonsense kind of man. His blog is highly educational and has some of the most unique information, even for a survival blog. If you want to survive, this is the place to be.


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myfamilysurvivalplanMy Family Survival Plan

Alec began his blog after he almost lost his wife and two sons in a house fire. After initially becoming overprotective and wanting to live in a fireproof world, he began to calm down but became passionate about his survival on all levels. Alec has also worked as a food safety officer at a large company giving him tons of knowledge in food cooking, storage, temperatures, and safety. This has given an ideal background for survivalism. Preserving Oral Hygiene In a SHTF Scenario is a unique take on survival for a disaster situation.


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survivalistprepperSurvivalist Prepper

Husband and wife, Dale and Lisa have always been interested in prepping and decided to go public with their preparedness. They are trying to get rid of the stigma that preppers are all insane people. From first aid, canning, and planning to primitive outdoor survival apocalyptic readiness, Dale and Lisa are ready for anything and sharing it all. Since there are always new prepping skills to pick up read, 15 DIY Prepping Ideas to Learn New Skills.


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momwithaprepMom with a Prep

Jane is a true Texan mom who began prepping for the sake of her family. With her down to earth attitude and fun personality, her prepping skills are more relatable and seem doable to the everyday family. Jane emphasizes that not only is she prepared for natural disasters but also for job layoffs, illness, and any unpredicted event, Jane is ready. Room by Room Checklist to PREPare Your Home for Emergencies is the perfect read for anyone wanting to keep their family safe, which should be everyone.


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More Than Just Surviving

Thomas and Elise are a married couple and the creative minds behind More Than Just Surviving. Both of them became interested in the notion of survival as children but it is Thomas who is the technical expert. Elise is more behind the scenes taking all the pictures. This blog focuses on wilderness survival, gear, prepping and bushcraft. Thomas’ childhood fascination with knives turned into an adulthood of reviewing knives for his survival blog and reading just one of his knife reviews will prove his expertise. Why Prepping is Hard (and How to Make it Easier) is a great introduction.


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survivalathomeSurvival at Home

Patrick is a southern man who was raised by two parents who knew hard work and self-sufficiency. His father grew their own vegetables every year and his mother crocheted a lot of clothing for many family members. Their way of life rubbed off on Patrick. He and his wife like to raise their own three kids with the same values of homesteading and preparedness. Patrick’s blog reads as an all around survival manual. 10 Items to Include in a Light’s Out Kit is informative and relatable since we have all been without power at one time or another.  


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realitysurvivalReality Survival

JJ joined the airforce and quickly became a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) instructor. This training combined with his rural upbringing honed in on not only his love of the wilderness but the common sense and drive he has to survive in all situations. His site is categorized into just a few specific items for accuracy of search and to focus on a few main points. Some of his posts may seem a bit intense at first, but may come in handy if the world really goes downhill. Vehicle Everyday Carry Gear is more useful for the average person.


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thepreparednesspodcastThe Preparedness Podcast

Rob is another military veteran. Vets really know their stuff. He describes himself as a realist and in the world of survival that is probably for the best. His podcast focuses on preparedness which is a topic Rob feels strongly about. He realizes that everyone has different ideas of survival and being prepared, and to do what works for you. His podcast focuses on preparing for disasters, emergencies, and survival situations. How to Prepare and Hunker Down for Winter Storms is a recent post because of record breaking East coast blizzard but great information for anyone where snow is possible.


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geekprepperGeek Prepper

John is a self-described geek, like his blogs name would suggest. He feels most at home in the woods. Growing up in a rural area, his love for the outdoors began at a young age. From kayaking to hunting to everything in between, John does it all. Now living in the suburbs, his outdoor oasis is a bit harder to find. This inspired him to get back to his roots. If you find yourself stuck in the woods, make sure you have already read Building a Fire Using a Tinder Bundle to create this essential survival element.


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all-things-emergency-preparedAll Things Emergency Prepared

A preacher’s daughter, Laurie became passionate about survival as a child. Since then, she has always canned food, bought items in bulk, and stored extras just in case. Her passion continued to grow and this is where her blog, All Things Emergency Prepared, came to light. Her goal is to inform people with the best information and products. Laurie has thought of everything and her blog is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to begin either feeling more prepared or don’t know where to start.


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prepperssurvivePrepper Survive

Nettie has lived in both California and Idaho surviving temperature extremes and numerous weather-related predicaments. She is passionate about her community and the outdoors. Her blog focuses on emergency preparedness but she claims she isn’t an extreme end of the world prepper. She is a self-described Girl Scout prepper who follows the motto, “Always Be Prepared” And prepared she is. And she wants you to be too. Visit her blog to keep your family safe and prepared in a more relatable way.


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prepperswillPreppers Will

After leaving a corporate job, Bob decided to lead a simple and self-sufficient life. Preppers Will is his new found hobby. This blog was started with a goal of helping his friends, family, or anyone to get it together in case things in America really went wrong. He strongly believes that in the event of any disaster, no one, especially the government, will be there for you. It will be you and your family holding it all together. Saving Pets During Disaster reinforces Bob’s idea of the importance of family and ideas on how to save your furry friends.


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ConnectsafelyConnect Safely

Larry has committed his life to child safety and has done so by being a pioneer in his field. He was the first to post a picture of a missing child on the internet. His career has grown exponentially since then. In addition to being a CEO of, he serves on the board for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. ConnectSafely focuses on the safety of children and teens online and while using social media. Fake friends, fake boys, fake love: “Identity Crisis” Exposes Online Fakers profiles a young adult novel warning of the dangers of catfishing.


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CyberbullyingCyberbullying Research Center

This website is dedicated to informing adolescents and their parents about the dangers of cyberbullying. Run by two criminal justice professors, their focus is the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying in all of its forms. Sadly, this is a new problem for recent generations but much research has already been done into cyberbullying and possible prevention and the dangers. Cyberbullying Prevention Software Encourages You to Rethink, an article that highlights a young teen who invented software that causes cyber bullies to rethink their posts before hitting enter.


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Anne is the founder of the non-profit organization NetFamilyNews in 1999. Her impressive resume includes serving on three national task forces on youth safety and Internet safety, as well as contributing to many anti-cyberbullying books and numerous social media guides for parents. This blog is aimed at parents who may need more information about the cyber world their children live in. 10 Tips for Digital Citizens’ Parents has good advice for any parent who has a more tech-savvy child.


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theinternetpatrolThe Internet Patrol

Anne is an accomplished graduate of Stanford Law and in addition to being a practicing lawyer, is the CEO and president of the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) and ISIPP Publishing. Her expertise includes email deliverability, spam and identity theft, cyber bullying, and anything else you can think of that is internet related. The Internet Patrol is a source for internet news of all kinds and news about the internet itself. How to Report Scammy Facebook Ads on Facebook has very useful information for anyone who uses this popular social media site and is bombarded by annoying ads.


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ThecybersafetyladyThe Cyber Safety Lady

Leonie is an internet expert pioneer and has been for over 20 years. She strongly believes that education and protection, for both children and adults, are the key to safe internet practices. Her cyber safety expertise has translated over to safety manuals, presentations, informative workshops, and TV appearances. Her blog is ideal for any parent looking to keep their child safe in the vast cyber world. Age Classification Confusion For Parents For Video Games And Apps details the necessity of parents being aware of video game ratings and their meanings.


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ScreenRetriever is a parent developed software program designed to monitor the internet use of your children. With so many internet dangers lurking all over the world, and the innocence of children, Victoria and Mark felt the urge to keep their daughters safe. This software allows for parents to log in and monitor what their children are doing online. During monitoring, an icon changes color on screen informing the child that they are being supervised. Parenting Online is not Spying is a piece defending the somewhat controversial topic of cyber software to watch children but the dangers are real.


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nononsenseselfdefenseNo Nonsense Self Defense

Marc and Dianna may seem like opposites but they have the same passion and knowledge of self-defense. Marc grew up in a gang-infested area of Los Angeles where he was a street fighter and did an assortment of crazy things to earn the nickname, Animal. Dianna, on the other hand, grew up on a Colorado ranch and worked as a journalist. She found martial arts later in life but her career exposed her to many crimes. This blog has the most information on self-defense and will have everything you are looking for to protect yourself and your family.


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crazymonkeydefenseCrazy Monkey Defense

Rodney King has lived a tough life. He was raised in South Africa in an area he compares to the projects in America. At 17, his abusive mother kicked him out of his house and he lived on the streets in poverty. He found martial arts which turned his life around and Rodney is now working towards his Ph.D. He believes in a Buddhist lifestyle and that the mind is stronger than the body. Crazy Monkey Defense is his martial arts program that will prepare in all wakes of life. Focused to Survive will give you a better understanding of Rodney’s teaching system.


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wimsblogWim’s Blog

Wim has been training and teaching martial arts for 30 years. He is a Belgium-based trainer and enjoys writing books and making instructional videos in addition to updating his blogs for those interested in his teachings. His main goal is to help others with their training anyway he can by increasing their skills. Everything You Know About Violence is Wrong gives the average person a more realistic opinion of violence in the 21st century and gives reasons as to why things happen the way they do.


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jarrettarthurJarrett Arthur

Jarrett is the founder of Mothers Against Malicious Acts (M.A.M.A.) and is the leading safety expert of self-defense for women and children. She grew up an athlete but suffered from insecurities like many young women do but it all stopped once she started taking self-defense classes. Her focus is women and children so her blog is aimed to these demographics. 5 Top Online Dating Safety Tips has professional tips and information for anyone considering using an online dating site.


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Safety ChickSafety Chick

Kathleen became passionate about personal safety and defense after she was a victim of a violent crime. She was kidnapped at gunpoint by an obsessed stalker but made the decision to no longer be afraid and to no longer be a victim. She became an expert in self-defense, safety, and security. Now, a motivational speaker she has made appearances on numerous TV shows and has been featured in many publications. Her blog is a must-read for any woman looking to increase their knowledge of safety and feeling secure.


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dr-ruthlessDr. Ruthless

Melissa AKA Dr. Ruthless is the hardcore woman that travels the globe teaching her self-defense expertise to others hoping that every woman has the strength and knowledge to protect themselves. She is a world traveler who has unfortunately had to fight off male attackers all over the world. Thankfully, she has always been successful but a more violent attack changed her life and the way she fought. Shocking Self Defense Rules for Women is an eye-opening article that highlights the inequalities between men and women.


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gershonbenkerenGershon Ben Keren

Gershon practices krav maga which has led to his weekly self-defense and personal safety blog. He covers a variety of topics including sexual assault, home security, adult bullying and many more. His weekly updates prove his dedication and his expertise. In addition to his blog, he is a published author as well. With a lot of updates and a wide range of topics, Gershon’s blog should definitely be checked out by anyone from a novice to other experts. His latest blog, Ride Sharing Services, has some great thoughts on these suddenly very popular ride-sharing services.


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