“Local Production – International Success”


For over forty years, Micron has been a leading name in security systems. A home-grown New Zealand company with headquarters in Auckland, Micron exports their systems all over the world. Each product in their extensive catalog is designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Employing Surface Mount Robotic Technology (SMT) to manufacture their systems ensures complete consistency and accuracy. This reliability is a major contributing factor to their ability to maintain the reputation of balancing technological innovation with easy installation and use in the high competition market of home and commercial security systems.


Since inception, they have dedicated themselves to your security: personal, household, professional and community. Micron realise that security is a serious business and value reliability, convenience and ease of use above all. You can trust Micron products to protect family, a business or other important assets.


Micron say they see their customers as an extension of their Auckland neighborhood and they are entirely dedicated to protecting the neighborhood.



Micron Don’t Sell Alarms; They Sell Security


Micron manufacturer systems to protect in as many circumstances as you can imagine. Wired and wireless, remote controlled, sirens, alarm systems that understand that you have pets, keyed and keypads, scanning and swiping. Use their years of experience and the range of products they offer to protect your family, business and property correctly. We guide you through the analysis to ensure a fit to your needs, budget and circumstances.



Micron Scorpion Control Panels


In the Scorpion series, you see how Micron strive to meet the specific needs of customers by creating systems for different budgets and needs. The series increases in functionality and coverage area with each step.



Scorpion Z6LScorpion Z6L

This tidy six-zone system is their entry level alarm control panel. It has six fully programmable zones that may be alarmed in the combinations necessary to fit your needs. You may program up to 12 unique user codes into the system. Easy to arm and disarm, the Scorpion Z6L does not require hours of study to operate successfully. If in time you decide you want to add a communicator alarm, it can be added quickly without swapping out the current system.



Scorpion Z4120CScorpion Z4120C

This model is a four zone system with an additional fire or 24 hour zone communicator control. Recently redesigned to include features requested by users, this unit supports up to a 24 user codes and enables you to arm and disarm from your smartphone. Add to that functionality intruder tracking and anti false alarm feature including “dual knock” and multiple zone activation. Multiple zone activation enables monitoring two activations on one or two unique zones.



Scorpion Z6020CScorpion Z6020C

This six zone system supports up to 24 user codes and enables arm and disarm from your smartphone. With intruder tracking, end user phone number programming for “home dial” mode user programmable auto arming and dedication keys for fire and emergency response.



Scorpion Z8020CScorpion Z8020C

This Scorpion monitors eight zones and includes all the features of the Z4120C and the Z6020C.



Scorpion Z16040CScorpion Z16040C

We move to a sixteen zone coverage area and to supporting 48 user codes. Partitioning extends to four independent alarm systems and enables independent alarm codes for each area. Include with all this with two user accessible home dial phone numbers and remote phone control of the panel functions and you are looking at a very advanced yet easy to operate alarm system.



These control panels also feature two user-selectable night arming options. This is a great feature for a busy household to prevent the system from being activated every time someone visits the toilet, wanders into visit mom or dad, or needs to sneak the dog into the room to sleep with them. This description by no means exhausts the many options and functionality of the Scorpion line of products.



Micron LED and LCD Keypads: Convenient and Modern


Micron’s redesign efforts extend to the LED and LCD keypads for maximal simplicity and minimum intrusion into your home decor.


Their LED keypads are backlit for important visibility and also include tactile feedback, both of which are important advances to simplify disarming in dark conditions. Audible tones indicate correct entries and instantly indicate incorrect. Red and yellow LEDs provide system status for simple, instant alarm reading.


Their LCD keypad communicates with custom icons, easy to read in any light. The graphics are designed to be obvious and are large enough for you to read without your glasses!



Micron Sensors and Detectors: Reliable With Low Instances of False Activation


Infrared sensors are excellent for monitoring many different types of properties. Micron’s palette of sensors and detectors are durably constructed and packed with features to make using them and setting them a breeze.




A 120-degree field of view and adjustable up to a fifteen-meter range. It features noise reduction pulse count and temperature compensation to minimize false activation. Before this model leaves the plant, it is burned in for 48 hours. It has a very high radio frequency interference tolerance and excellent optical efficiency.




GEM infrared sensorGEM infrared sensor

As a step up from the TX2, GEM features a 110 degree field of view and an adjustable twenty meter range. With the same radio frequency interference tolerance of the TX2 the GEM has a low noise pyroelectric sensor and is very reliable in a range of circumstances.




PXI Pet Exclusion Infrared SensorPXI Pet Exclusion Infrared Sensor

How many police emergency teams wish that all their alarm-using homes in NZ had this wonderful sensor? Not only is it intelligent enough to compensate for Fido and Mittens, but it features dual infrared sensors and split optics. The ground-breaking technology contained in this unit is above expectations in this range.




ET Environmentally Tolerant Infrared SensorET Environmentally Tolerant Infrared Sensor

You don’t want to reset your system for every mouse looking for a little leftover cheese or for the odd bumps and shifts that are typical of your home of business. ET is smart; smart enough to select the correct time to alert and the correct time to hold steady. ET is very popular for its low false-alarm rate.



Trust Micron to Protect your Family, Possessions and Business


Micron’s long commitment to innovation and constant improvement reflects the desire to grow to meet your changing needs. They are constantly examining new technology for ways in which it can contribute to your safety. Because they are a fully automated, Surface Mount Technology company, improvements and innovations are easier; they are already ahead of the curve so they are unencumbered with legacy systems that need constant adjustment and supervision.


Micron realise the precious duty with which you entrust them and they will do all they can to perform beyond your expectations.
Micron manufacture every alarm component in their hometown of Auckland, New Zealand and from there export all over the world. Uncounted numbers of lives, homes and businesses rely on them. Through our responsiveness to their customers’ suggestions, in-house development and by taking advantage of appropriate technology, Micron are constantly improving their ability to protect every customer, at home and abroad.


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