”Never forget your humanity, and respect human dignity in your dealings with others.”

– Robert Bosch 1931


All the Bosch products around today are the legacy of a company that started over 100 years ago in Stuttgard, Germany. Bosch was born as a workshop for mechanics and engineering and has since grown into a company with products selling all around the globe, including a strong presence in the New Zealand technology market. They produce all types of products including Bosch dishwashers, building materials, the well known Bosch security and Bosch alarm systems and more.


It began as the vision of a young, inspired boy named Robert Bosch who was active, imaginative and focused. Like most visionaries, he didn’t have many friends but the ones who called him a friend could rely on him completely. This dedication to the things important to him in life was carried into the development of the Bosch company and was a key factor in Bosch’s growth.


Society and business together were of high importance to Mr. Bosch and the company has since been able to grow into something that now improves life for people all around the world by producing high quality products that make our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable.


In New Zealand, Bosch is most well known for it’s home appliances and their high quality homesecurity and alarm systems. These systems are high tech and simple to operate, providing families all around New Zealand and Australia with convenient secure homes and businesses.


We can see this dedication when using their products and by also taking a look at the long list of awards they have gathered since the beginning. Bosch is committed to improving energy efficiency in their products, which is evident by their numerous Energy Star awards.


  • 2007/2008 Excellence in ENERGY STAR® Promotion Award
  • 2009/2010/2014 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for Appliances
  • 2011/2012/2013 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award
  • Red Dot Award
  • iF Design Award



Bosch Alarm Panels and Keypads


Depending on the model Bosh panels can control up to 144 zone areas in both the indoor and outdoor premises of the property. The panels come with a remote that allows for programming from an offsite location. This means we, the home or business owner, do not have to be onsite to program the alarm.

We can enable and disable certain functions of the alarm without physically being at the location where the security system is installed. This can come in handy for those who forget to set the alarm when leaving their home or business and for those who need to change the security settings for different areas of the property at different times of the day while they are away.


The panels can be programmed to provide various types of security


  • Manual arming and disarming of the system
  • Automatic arming and disarming according to a schedule (users can set up the security system to arm or disarm at a scheduled time during the day or night during which they know they want the system to be armed or disarmed. For example, if you leave early in the morning for work you can set the system to automatically arm itself at a time set for after you leave the house)
  • Motion detection and live video recording at the same time
  • Motion detection that activates video recording once an intruder is detected



Bosch 16 plus Alarm SystemBosch 16 plus Alarm System

This system is easy to use and learn to operate. After installation, you won’t have to waste time learning to program the system by studying the programming manual. This is thanks to the CC100 Solution 16 plus Control Panel.

The standard graphic code keypad provides text prompts during programming. This can be done at the keypad or from a computer offsite with the convenient software that comes with it. Beyond its ease of learning, it is easy to install, retrofit and maintain.

The graphic code keypad has a proximity function that allows the alarm system to be armed or disarmed by swiping a token to the keypad. No pin number is needed, making it easy for children and the elderly to arm or disarm.



Bosch 6000 Alarm SystemBosch 6000 Alarm System

This system is suited for businesses. It provides the security that is so essential to businesses, which includes protecting you and your staff’s valuable items and also provides the peace and stressless environment that comes with knowing your place is secure.

It can monitor 144 different zones, 16 access doors and can cater to 256 user profiles. It will be able to handle the various needs of both small and large businesses and you will be able to choose who has what kind of control over the system.

The CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel is as easy to use and program as the Bosch 16 Plus outlined above. The graphic keypad guides users through programming with text prompts eliminating the need to study the programming manual. The keypad is also equipped with the proximity function which allows users to swipe their token against the panel to arm and disarm the system, a great function for children and the elderly.



Bosch Alarm Sensors


One of the most important aspects of any security system is the sensors. A good security system with low quality sensors is like having a late model BMW with budget tyres. Bosch alarm sensors are high functioning, reliable and with a large spectrum of functions


Bosch Blue Line Motion DetectorsBosch Blue Line Motion Detectors

These motion detectors are built for homes. They are easy to install, detect repetitive, non threatening motions to prevent multiple alarms from things like ceiling fans or other non threatening moving objects around the house. They include a pet-friendly function to prevent pet movement from sounding an alarm. Covers a 12m x 12m area.



Bosch professional series motion detectorsBosch professional series motion detectors

These sensors covers a larger area of 16mx21m that can be reduced to 8mx10m for short range detection. They aren’t equipped with pet-friendly motion detection but come with an advanced anti-masking technology to prevent sophisticated intruders from blocking the sensor.



Bosch commercial series motion detectorsBosch commercial series motion detectors

These sensors are for commercial areas. They cover a larger area and do not come equipped with pet-friendly detection. They also come with advanced anti-masking technology.




Bosch Security – the Smart Choice


From its start to what it is today, Bosch has focused on quality technology to help improve our lives. Their long lifespan and the list of awards they’ve achieved over the years is proof of their innovations and reliability


If you buy a top of the line security system from Bosch today, it won’t be necessary to replace the whole system for many years. Parts can be replaced and software can be upgraded with ease to ensure your system is up to date, your property is as safe as possible and your mind is at ease.


All our installers through out New Zealand supply and install a full range of Bosch security and alarm systems.

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