Please note: CleverLoop have stopped selling and have discontinued their service in NZ

The CleverLoop security camera system is an affordable package for your home or business. It’s ‘clever’ in the way that it actually learns (with a little feedback from the user) what’s important and warrants an alert (human or vehicle movement) and what’s not important, thereby greatly reducing false alerts from pets, tree movements, light changes etc.

As a stand alone smart home security system it can effectively remove the need for a traditional burglar alarm. The CleverLoop acts more like a silent alarm with the added benefit of an active monitoring camera system.  

One of the biggest attractions about using CleverLoop as a home security camera system, or indeed for business security, is that it doesn’t require a monthly monitoring service fee, which is usually around $20 a month for a traditional monitored system.

Instead, it’s linked up with your smartphone, via a well designed IOS / Android app. Through this app you’ll receive push notifications (you can easily turn them off) to alert you whenever there’s activity in one of your camera’s view. 10 seconds movement video clips are recorded by default so you can see exactly what your camera saw. You’re also able to jump directly to a real-time view to any of your linked cameras.

Who Does The CleverLoop System Suit?

Renters who want non-destructive security solutions

It’s a common story, you want better security for your family and property, though your landlord doesn’t want to fork out to alarm the house. The CleverLoop system can easily be installed without damaging walls and removed when it comes time to shift house. Indoor cameras don’t need to be screwed into walls and can be adjusted to sit bench height or else be fixed to a wall using some heavy-duty 3M removable sticky strips. Outdoor cameras would however certainly need to be screwed into a wall because of their weight. 

Homeowners to monitor suspicious activity, pets or child safety

Everyone wants a safer home, the linked smartphone app functionality makes CleverLoop a versatile system not only for burglary protection but for other applications too. Use it as a ‘petcam’ to check out what your pets are doing while you’re at work or to make sure the kids got back in from school okay.

Small businesses wanting to protect property, stock or cash areas

With a max of 4 cameras connectable to a base station, CleverLoop is ideal for smaller business looking for additional security without ongoing monitoring charges. CleverLoop allows businesses to easily and affordably monitor behind counter staff, outside areas (especially after hours to prevent break ins or vandalism), loading/delivery areas and any other places where security is needed.


Setting Up Your Cleverloop Security System

One of the things I really like about CleverLoop is how painless and user-friendly it is to setup, even for the non-tech savvy! No confusing instruction manual in 10 different languages to have to navigate through. 

Instead, you download the app onto your phone and follow a series of short 3-5 second clips to get you up and running. It actually took me longer to figure out how to get my new wireless Bose headphones working last week (long story)

TIP: If you have trouble paring the cameras with the base station through WiFi, try connecting the cameras to the base station using the provided ethernet cables first, then switch them to WiFi mode after they’ve been paired.



Great price point

Most buyers are going to want the 4 or 3 camera system which is currently $699 and $639 respectively. You can mix and match indoor with outdoor cameras for the same priced combo depending on your surveillance needs.

For a comparable quality camera system professionally installed you would be looking at a minimum of $1200  

No on-going monitoring fees

Monitoring fees for regular alarms and CCTV usually run at about $20 a month or $240 per year. This adds to the price of your regular security system year on year.

High-resolution security cameras

Both the indoor and outdoor security cameras are 720p HD. They can clearly identify faces both indoors or out. And because the outdoor cameras are water proof and dust proof, you can places them outside in the elements.

2-way speakers 

Use the indoor cameras to hear what’s happening in any room (not available with outdoor cameras). This works like a walkie-talkie or intercom system where you can only speak or listen at one time, unlike a telephone. Audio is available in live view mode, and can be set to record in the 10-second alert clips. 

Just remember if you’ve got multiple people with app access to cameras, then you’ve always got people who can hear and see what you are doing! 

Night vision

Even in darkness the CleverLoop security cameras are surprisingly good, while you won’t be able to identify faces that are further away, you will often be able to pick some facial features. And like all surveillance cameras, don’t expect to be able to pick up license plates at night.

Wide angle coverage

The indoor cameras are 115deg which is more than enough to cover a large size room when mounted high in a corner. The outdoor cameras are only 60deg though usually they are mounted higher up than indoor cameras, they can will cover a wide driveway or porch view without a problem.

Behaviour learning to identify and reduce false smartphone alerts

Worried about getting an alert everytime moggie jumps onto your bed when you aren’t home? When the notification gets pushed out to your phone, tap the ‘This should be a movement’ button on the alert. Pretty soon your CleverLoop system will realize that moggie is just looking to get comfortable, not steal your jewelry box.


Base mounts for indoor cameras are limited in motion

It can be a bit of work in twisting and turning the base mount to get the perfect point of view for your camera. Though this is a one time job, after you lock it in place you’re good to go.

Black colour camera power cabling

White or off-white would have been a better choice to match most people’s walls. Though a trip down to Mitre 10 for some of that cable raceway to run down the wall should do the trick to hide those black cables.

Camera lag 

With the indoor and outdoor cameras, I found on about 5-10{124a1aa5d8e75f80fb06159bb56072683769a4f491cda2c7d203e184b4224f94} of the alert clips taken there was a noticeable lag in the time between the time of a person or vehicle entering the camera’s point of view and switching on. What this means is in those alerts with lag, a person might ‘appear’ several steps inside a monitored room, rather than seen walking through the doorway. 

After talking with Cleverloop support they’ve explained the system has a delay of between 0.8 and 1.3 seconds. I find that to be about right, and for the majority of the time it seems to be on the low side of that delay.


High-spec cameras connectable through WiFi coupled with a brilliantly designed app make this a genuinely smart security system. Click here to see all the cool things the app is able to do.

While I’ve been playing around with my CleverLoop system all week and fine tuning it, the one thing I haven’t activated yet is it’s geo-fencing function, this means cameras will be activated/de-activated when an app’s users phone is within a certain distance of the base station. Putting this in place means no more constant alerts while I’m at home and I won’t forget to activate the cameras when I leave the house!

If you’re looking for an affordable security system for your home or small business you certainly won’t find a better system available for $699. CleverLoop really does cover you for both a silent intruder alarm and security camera system which if you had professionally installed would be well over $1000. 

You can check out more details or pick up your own system on-line at They also provide free, express courier delivery throughout NZ on their systems. I’ve found their customer support to be top notch, so any pre or post-purchase questions, you’ll likely get a very fast response from their Wellington-based team.