Fire is often unpredictable and can be deadly. This is why you need to have a full-floor and multipurpose fire extinguisher on every level of your home; one in your garage and smaller supplemental units for the kitchen and car. In order to make sure that your property is safe, whether it is residential  or commercial, it is essential to invest in a high-quality fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is an emergency tool that can immediately put out fire, given that it is used correctly. Below are the leading fire extinguisher brands that will provide you with reliable safety products for your safety needs.




Leading Fire Extinguisher Brands




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Amerex has been continuously providing innovative and quality firefighting products for more than 30 years. It is recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers. Amerex also offers quality pre-engineered automatic restaurant systems, industrial systems, vehicle fire suppression systems, as well as devices for fire detection that are designed for both residential and commercial use. The group is an affiliate of the McWane Inc. and has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry of fire protection.





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Ansul is another leading brand when it comes to fire extinguishers. It was first introduced in the market when they developed the very first cartridge-operated dry fire extinguisher in the year 1939. From then on, the group has been updated on the latest standards in fire safety and protection, thus establishing different preventative and suppression products.



Some companies may only provide portable extinguishers or systems. There are also a few that can offer some agents and related hardware. But Ansul manufactures a full line of fire protection products for industrial, marine, and commercial applications. Each one of them is carefully designed and manufactured in accordance to the exact standards and tested under the scrutiny of independent worldwide laboratories. Moreover, Ansul provides fire suppression systems that are highly critical for businesses.





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Badger features a wide range of products and has a rich history that spanned over the past decades. The brand is approved by the leading fire safety authorities and all of their products are specifically designed for immediate use, regardless of the situation.




Badger fire extinguishers are highly versatile. They tackle most fire risks that can be found in the majority of domestic, industrial, and commercial environments. Their dry chemical extinguishers are suitable to be used on class A, B, and C fires and can be mounted on any surface with a wall hook supplied. If preferred, a vehicle bracket is another option.



The fire extinguisher is available in four different sizes: 2½-lb, 5-lb, 10-lb & 20-lb and has a chrome-plated brass valves. The handle, lever, and hose band is made of stainless steel. It also operates effectively on both high and low temperatures.





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Kidde both assembles and markets many fire safety products for all fields and utilities. They also provide building solutions and items for professional use by firefighters. Their line of product includes smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and reliable pre-engineered fire fighting systems. Moreover, they sell foam equipment and fire hoses to help professional firefighters in the field.



The brand also serves defense, aerospace and a range of commercial and industrial markets with different types of quality and fire safety products, as well as systems and services, protection, covering detection, prevention, and of firefighting.



The Kidde’s products for fire protection could be for fire detection and suppression in any industrial and commercial setting- from supermarkets and banks, to data centers and shopping malls. This also includes internet serves, trains, trucks and tankers, to refineries and oil platforms.







Fire extinguishers are important not just to the business or home, but to the society in general. Sadly, they are often ignored even by the fire community. Such overlooked life saving devices play a crucial role in keeping people and properties safe. Of course, in order for the device to be effective and efficient, one must know how to properly make use of them. Participating in some basic fire training and having a good brand of fire extinguisher at hand can make a huge different when it comes to ensuring safety. The above mentioned well-known brands are the best and highest in quality when it comes to fire fighting.