Frightening stories about burglaries and robberies are always on the news. We all want to know how to prepare for different situations, but one of our most common concerns is ensuring our home is always safe. In order to protect your home from burglary and other crimes, the most practical solution is to install a monitored security system. With this, the home is on watch 24/7 so whether you are around or away you will be immediately alerted in case of a break-in.


However, there are still cases when despite having a security system, a robbery still happens and valuables are stolen. This article will cover 6 of the most important things you should be doing to maximize your home’s security as well as 4 things you should never do to keep your home safe.




Home Security Do’s



  • Customize Your Security System


If you only have a standard security alarm, a good thief can often bypass the system. It’s important to tailor the system and give careful consideration to where sensors are placed. Special attention should be given to areas of the home that are more easily accessed than others. 24/7 alarm monitoring is always recommended to ensure a response to break-in.


  • Install Locks On Every Exterior Entrance


Quality deadbolts should be on all gates and exterior doors. Locks should also be installed on all windows. Statistics show that many burglaries that happen are not forced entries. They just walk through open doors of homes and business.


  • Change Locks When Moving to A New Place


To avoid someone from entering your home, change all your exterior locks when moving to a new house or when you lose the keys.


  • Install Exterior Security Lighting


If the home entrance is dark, security lighting is a good idea to prevent would-be burglars. Thieves will not risk being identified and are likely to avoid well-lit areas.


  • Install a Peephole in the Front Door


It’s dangerous to just open the door to anyone who rings the doorbell. With a peephole, you will see who is at the door before you open it.


  • Use a Silent Alarm System


This will send you an SMS or call when an intruder is detected. This works by detecting motion and body heat. Because it’s silent, you can alert authorities and catch the criminal in the act.




Home Security Don’ts



  • Do not Leave Hidden Keys Outside the Home


To have a hiding place might be a clever idea, but when someone finds out about it, this will be an easy entrance to your home.


  • Do Not Keep Valuables in Obvious Places


Never store your valuables in places that can be easily seen from outside the home. Also, avoid keeping them in obvious places like under your mattress or in the top drawer.


  • Do Not Publish Where You Are Online


Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites make it a popular practice to check-in to locations. Avoid doing so as you are letting criminals know that it’s the perfect time for them to burglarize your house.


  • Do Not Ignore the Idea of Having a Security System in Place


Alarms, cameras, and monitoring are some of the most helpful security systems that you can have to guarantee the home’s safety. Not having them makes the home an easy target for burglars and other criminals to break-in.



Having a security system is not enough when it’s not used properly. Knowing what and what not to do is very important to have peace of mind and avoid danger and losses. Be confident that your home, loved ones, and belongings are safe and secured all the time with a properly installed home security system.