Home invasion happens when criminals force their way into an occupied home to commit robbery, rape or other crimes. This is one of the most frightening and potentially dangerous crimes that can happen to a family as it violates their personal space- their home, which they consider their sanctuary. Aside from the increasing number of invasion cases every year, the worse is, thieves today are getting bolder and more violent. Their attacks are more planned so their victims will be caught surprised and unaware. Surprise is their best weapon as people do not know what to expect and were unable to prepare for the event.


Home invasions can be very traumatizing to every homeowner since they happen in their own presence. But there are ways and tips that every homeowner can employ to guarantee the safety of their family and property.




Basic Home Invasion Precautions




Install a Peephole

Before opening the door, make sure you check through the peephole to confirm the identity of the person. If someone is knocking on the door, but you cannot see anyone through the peephole or you are not expecting a guest, don’t dare open the door.




Unlike in burglaries where burglars wait for the occupants to leave, home invaders attack even while there are people at home. Given this reason, make sure that you lock all your doors and windows even when at home.




Poor lighting encourages robbers and other criminals to observe and wait for an opportunity to strike. By improving the lighting both in and around your home, you can lessen the chances of home invasion as it will scare them away knowing that their chances of being identified is high.



Get a Big Dog

A big dog like a German shepherd will be a good layer of protection. A dog with a scary barks and trained to protect a home and the family can help deter criminals and keep them out of the house.



Have Your Mobile Handy

There are instances when burglars will cut the phone line, thus it’s best to have a mobile phone to eliminate the risk of not being able to call 911 or the nearest police station in your area when someone enters the house. Always keep your cellphone with you at all times, whether on your nightstand when sleeping or in your pocket.



Secondary Barriers

Consider installing keyed locks and solid doors on bedroom entrances. In case home invaders defeat the exterior protection of your house, you have another valuable level of protection.



Designate a Safe Room

If you are committed in protecting your family against home invasion, make sure to tell them about the safe room so they know where to go in case it happens. This room should have a flashlight and a landline phone. Also, mount doors on hinges that swing out as they are harder to reach compared to those that swing in.




Other Ways to Protect Against Home Invasion




Install a Security Camera at the Front Door

Aside from having peepholes, a security camera can greatly help in preventing criminals from entering the house. The more cameras installed at home the better. Whether it is a dummy camera or a real one, their presence can make the home less of a target.



Install an Alarm System

Choose a system that has a professional monitoring feature with several service options. Make sure that it has a panic button that will alert authorities of the trouble in your property and drive home invaders away knowing that the police are on their way. Another type of alarm you can consider to install is a door-stop alarm that sounds when a door is opened. This will prevent invaders from setting foot in your home.



Install Motion-Sensitive Outdoor Lighting

This kind of lighting comes on when a movement around the outside of the home is detected, thus alerting home owners of home potential home invaders.




The home is our castle and sanctuary. It is the only place where we feel the safest and most peaceful as it provides us the natural sense of safety and security. Every day, we go out and face the hostile, chaotic, and violent world while looking forward to return to our own personalized space. Thus the thought of home invasion that may happen anytime can be terrifying and traumatic. But, home invasion only happens to those who are not prepared. By taking the necessary steps and measures to increase the level of security, home invasion can be prevented. Make sure to employ the above mentioned precautions and step to avoid being the next victim.