The iSmartAlarm concept has experienced run away success with raising US$225,576 on IndieGogo – a crowd funding website, for development costs for their contemporary Apple inspired house alarm systems.

Shipping for the security system has been delayed and is expected to commence end of June 2013 to the USA and Canadian members of the IndieGogo community who assisted with funding pledges.

iSmart Alarm, Inc is a Silicon valley based company in Mountain View California, the unofficial world hub of technology innovation. The iSmartAlarm is their first product to market


Check out their YouTube promo video for a 3 minute rundown of the system’s features and components
While the iSmartAlarm has yet to even be released for public sale in the USA market, iSmartAlarm, Inc have suggested they will be focusing on sales though large online retailers such as So the good news is that if you want a system, you will be able to get one shipped out to New Zealand before long!






While difficult to review a wireless security system which we have not seen and tested, we’ll do our best to give you an overview from the published information available


At Security Search we are generally very suspicious of wireless security systems as they are generally made of cheap components and are much more prone to false alarms than hardwired house alarm systems.


iSmart promote savings on monitoring fees, as we all know the same can be promoted with almost any decent wireless IP camera set up.


The open platform discussed which allows the iSmart burglar alarm system to be customized for controlling lighting, climate control smoke and pets sounds very applying, though it remains to be seen how integrable all these functions really are with homes.


The standard iSmartAlarm package is very light on sensors, one motion sensor and two contact sensors. For one bedroom apartments or people living in flatting situations who just want to monitor their room and a window or two this could be a cheap and effective solution.



However if you are looking to secure a 4 bedroom house with this burglar alarm you may need an additional 5 motion sensors and 10 more contact sensors, how well this many additional sensors will integrate with the system is also remains to be seen.






The iSmartAlarm system looks to have focused more on flashy cool than security functionality. Designed and promoted to younger hipsters and fashion conscious in flatting situations or single bedroom apartments rather than the practical and security minded families living in 3 bedroom freestanding homes.


The total lack of specs of the iSmartAlarm components is heavy concern, as of writing – their website lists no technical details on any of the components nor any gritty functionality details of their iPhone application.


Bottom line is the iSmartAlarm is one of those wireless security systems best left for the generation Z kids more concerned about form than function.


UPDATE: While the iSmart alarm still isn’t available in NZ, the good news is that the rather similar CleverLoop security system is! We recently got the chance to review the CleverLoop system and were extremely impressed by it’s performance and functionality. Check out the full Security Search review here.