The burglar alarm landscape in Auckland has seen significant changes within the past decade. Most of these changes are due to technology improvements and decreases in hardware manufacturing costs. Manufacturers have been able to produce increasingly more effective home security alarm systems with improved features at a lower costs to end users.


Security Search was created with the goal of cutting the time it takes to find quality burglar alarms in Auckland. Our simple quote request service puts your home security requirements in front of 3 professional alarm installation companies.

Each of these companies will phone you to arrange a free onsite quotation. Use this time with each burglar alarm professional to learn more about their companies, available alarm brands, features and costs.

After receiving the written quotes, you make the final cost and hardware comparisons and then decide on which company to award the job to.

Our service is completely free, leave us to do the running around. We will select the 3 most suitable burglar alarm installers in our Auckland database and ask them to call you to quote for your business!

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What to ask burglar alarm installers during an onsite quote


It can be difficult and confusing when getting quotes for anything – especially when it comes to technical products. We’ve made it easy for by drawing up a short list of questions to ask the 3 prospective installers to help you compare the different offers and get the best deal for your burglar alarm.


  • When can they do the installation
  • How many hours will the installation take
  • What are the false alarm rates of each system they are offering
  • Where would they look to install the control panel and siren
  • How many sensors do they suggest you will need and where are the recommended placement locations
  • What are the costs of the separate upgrade additions you are interested in (extra sensors, key chain alarm activation, panic buttons, CCTV cameras, home access control)
  • What warranties and back up support does the alarm company provide with their burglar alarms
  • Which alarm monitoring company do they recommend using for your area of Auckland and why



Common burglar alarms for Auckland homes


The most common burglar alarms in NZ are hardwired systems based around a number of strategically mounted infrared sensors. These passive infrared sensors are designed to essentially detect motion.

Since they’re passively operating components, they do not generate their own energy, instead working entirely by detecting heat energy coming from other objects.

Most internal infrared sensors don’t actually detect movement, they actually detect heat, which happens through the sensor responding to abrupt changes in temperatures caused by motion in any environment.


To illustrate, when an intruder moves in front of the sensor, they’re actively changing the temperature around the sensor to their body temperature. When they move away from the sensor, the area around it changes back to the surrounding room temperature.

As this happens, the sensor detects the movement and triggers its detection alarms.



Alarm system questions and concerns


When looking at buying burglar alarms, you don’t want to buy purely based on price. Of course if you are on a seriously tight budget, even the cheapest alarm system is going to go along way in improving your home security, provided the sensors are set up right and you arm it.


However cheaper alarms, have a significantly higher chance of and false alarms, this is mainly due to cheaper sensor hardware. High quality sensors are especially important, these are generally the components that will be the reason of your false alarms and cause you needless expense and stress. Insist on installing high quality sensors for your burglar alarm.


What are the best burglar alarm brands is always a question that comes up. A few of the most popular and widely carried brands that you will find in New Zealand are Bosch, DSC, Paradox, Crow and the NZ made Micron

Some larger alarm companies will carry and recommend their own house brands, they are usually sold at a good discount to internationally recognized brands. Most of these alarm systems are OEM, manufactured in high quality alarm factories with custom branding.

For house brands it always pays to run a quick google search for any comments and reviews from past users. You should also pay closer attention to the warranties offered by the alarm installation companies.



A lot of home break-ins are more spontaneous than most think, a professionally installed security system can deter thieves from targeting your house.

If you haven’t already, fill out our quote form located on the top right hand side of the screen. Security Search provides you with the most convenient way to find quality burglar alarms in Auckland.